Breast Pump Loan

Spelthorne Breastfeeding Friends has a number of double electric breast pumps that can be loaned for from one of our breast pump loan agents. If you complete the Pump Loan Request form we will be put you in touch with one of our local Pump Loan Agents who will organise the delivery of a pump and accessories. They will be able to help you with any breastfeeding and expressing questions you may have and any further queries on how to use your pump.

If you have any problems or queries at any stage, please email

Loan of our pumps is FREE. We only charge £10 per disposable breast pump kits (so if you want to double pump £20). You can pay via bank transfer (details on the Pump Loan Request Form) or via PayPal by clicking the link below.

As we only have a limited number of pumps, we are afraid that pumps can only be loaned for a maximum of four weeks. If you do need a pump for a longer period, please speak to you Pump Loan Agent or can commercially hire a pump from: